Your Invitation to “The Communication Corner”

Do you want to spend an hour with outstanding communication experts every week–at no cost?

Do you want to hear what top-tier business and professional people do to:
*Speak with greater confidence, and enjoy more visible results
*Increase their sales
*Resolve management conflicts
*Improve their family relationships
*Make outstanding first impressions
*Translate their professional jargon so you can understand it
*Score well in job interviews
*Relate effectively to those with differing personal styles of communication
*Solve disputes with unhappy customers
*Use the Social Media wisely

Then join me every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. (U.S. Eastern Time) on WBCX, 89.1FM, “The Voice of Brenau,” where I host “The Communication Corner,” broadcasting from the Brenau University campus radio station in Gainesville, Georgia.

NOTE: If you do not live near Gainesville, you can still hear the broadcast, “streaming live.” Click on this link, and then click on the colorful icon on the lower left side of that page:

See you in The Communication Corner–and please bring your colleagues and friends with you.

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