Words We Should Hold a Funeral For

Katie Highsmith, Host of WDUN's "The Local Hour"

Every Monday morning at 9:05 a.m. Katie Highsmith–vivacious host of “The Local Hour” on WDUN-AM 550 in Gainesville, Georgia– interviews me about the communication lessons we can learn from local, regional, and national events.

Today’s interview focused on words and phrases that have lost their impact–because we have overused them. . .drastically. As Katie and I started our interview, I suggested we hold a funeral for these “dead words.” I promised that if she’d conduct the ritual, I’d dig a deep grave. She liked that arrangement.

Among the many obnoxious words we listed. . .and put on the extinct list:
If you will
After all is said and done
Like, ya know
What she brings to the table
Without further ado
At the end of the day

Those words belong on a general list. We enjoyed checking, too, the trite (and often empty) expressions used in politics and sports. With elections looming and football season not far away, we had little trouble creating our list.

After you listen to our discussion, I suggest that you:
*Pay special attention to the language you hear daily
*List the words that annoy you because you have heard them too many times
*Make a dedicated effort to eliminate those words and phrases from your vocabulary

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