The Question That Boosts Your Persuasive Power

In every profession, you need persuasive power.

–Teachers must persuade students that the difficult information they have to learn will be well worth the effort.
–Coaches persuade players to develop their skills, stamina, and motivation.–Real estate professionals persuade buyers to “buy this house, because it is perfect for you.”
–New managers persuade the team members that their new leader is competent and fair.
–Fund raisers persuade potential donors their charitable organization will use gifts to help people in need.

The examples could continue. You get the point by now. It’s common knowledge that the ability to persuade others to accept our ideas and recommendations is critical for success.

Granted–despite the claims some alleged experts make–there is no “quick fix” to guarantee you will change opinions and actions every time. However, there is an almost magical question you will find very useful–as I have for three decades.

To learn that phrase, watch my brief video at the top of this post.

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