Rob Andrews’ Tips for Superior Customer Service

Banker Rob Andrews on Customer Service

Rob Andrews–Assistant Vice President and Retail Lender for United Community Bank in Gainesville, Georgia–enjoys talking about customer service, because he learned some of the important customer service keys early in life. So he accepted my invitation to appear on WBCX, 89.1 FM, the “Voice of Brenau,” as the guest for my weekly interview program, “The Communication Corner.”

You and your company officials will benefit from Rob’s observations.  You recognize that “word of mouth” about bad service has changed dramatically. Previously, business consultants warned that a dissatisfied customer would probably tell 8-10 people. The Internet multiplied that number alarmingly. Now when you offend a customer, the customer turns to the World Wide Web, posting his or her complaint in blogs, newsletters, and on Web sites–so that potentially tens of thousands will learn about the customer’s unhappiness with your firm.

Clearly, you will want to hear Rob talk about these following issues, not just as they relate to banking but as they apply to every corporation across industries:

–Why do people select a certain bank to handle their assets?
–What do banks do to protect your confidential information?
–What’s a reliable way to get constructive feedback from your customers?
–How do you handle an irate caller and become his trusted advisor?
–Ingredients of an effective voice mail message
–The principle of “lagniape,” going beyond expectations
–Examples of best and worst customer service experiences
–Special recognition for employees who demonstrate superlative customer care

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Banker’s Father: Customer Service Role Model

Not everyone learns customer service from a business school, a book, or a seminar. Watch this video, and listen to how Harold Westbrook–Senior Vice President of Community Service, United Community Bank, Gainesville, Georgia–benefited from what his father showed him about serving customers.

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Some of the major points Harold mentioned:

1. Customers become friends when we treat them well.

2. Rule number one of Customer Service: Give customers more than they expect.

3. United Community Bank lives by the motto, “The Bank That Service Built.”

4. Banks differ very little numerically. All of them will quote about the same rates for loans, safety deposit boxes, and related items. The distinguishing factor between banks is their varying levels of service.

For example: At his bank, Harold and other officers will visit elderly couples in their homes, and complete bank transactions there–showing extra concern for those too immobile to drive to the bank building.

5. When talking with customers, become a keen listener. Politely probe, using questions to discover other needs not yet mentioned.

CONCLUSION: The thousands of customers who have relied on Harold Westbrook for their banking can be grateful that his father taught him these vital customer service principles.

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