Dynamic Business Success Formula That Rescued Darcy Luoma Personally

Darcy Luoma “had it all.” And then suddenly, she didn’t. Answering one phone call let her know she stood on the brink of total disaster. Watch the video above to hear her spellbinding story, detailing how she rebounded from certain failure.

You will hear about:

–Her coaching/speaking/consulting career that serves hundreds of clients
–Why she appeared on the Internet talking about visiting a Women’s Correctional Institution
–An immediate family member’s disgraceful arrest for sexual assault
–The 3-step formula she taught professionally and then applied personally to regain her composure and reputation

Without question, Darcy’s real life story surpasses the most dramatic plot you have seen in award winning suspense movies.

You’ve read business books that talk about how to succeed professionally, and self-help books that give personal advice. Darcy’s book, Thoughtfully Fit, explains how her strategy for business survival, which she has taught in forty-eight industries, rescued her from threatened defeat and despair.

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