Theo Gilbert Jamison’s Service Excellence Principles

Theo Gilbert-Jamison–former Vice President for Training and Organizational Development at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company–made a guest appearance on my “Biz Communication Show” recently. Note that following her Ritz-Carlton leadership role, she has become an acclaimed author, speaker, and business consultant.

In this highly energetic interview–in the video above–Theo explains some of her principles of customer service. You’ll make great strides toward improving your customer service when you apply her recommendations.

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Theo Gilbert-Jamison’s Customer Service Principles

With Customer Service Leader Theo Gilbert-Jamison

Picture the scene: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Dearborn Michigan. The occasion: The hotel company’s annual “Symposium on Legendary Customer Service.” Time: Noon. The Challenge: The audience has heard presentations the entire morning, and has had no stretch break at lunch, as the meal was brought in. This meant that the speaker would face an audience that didn’t welcome the prospect of another speech. . .this one slated for two hours.

How do I know the scene so well? I was there, writing a story for Expert Magazine about the hotel’s selection and training of employees. As a professional speaker, I felt sympathy for the speaker. Just a couple of minutes after she started her presentation, my sympathy changed to admiration. Soon after that, I felt awe–because Theo Gilbert-Jamison, then Vice President of Training for the company, held the audience entranced as she described how other organizations could incorporate the Ritz-Carlton customer service model into their group.

Not long after that event, Theo left the hotel company to establish her own training firm, Performance Solutions by Design. We continued to keep in touch. Today Theo became my guest in “The Communication Corner,” the hour-long weekly interview program I host for WBCX-FM, “The Voice of Brenau.” Among our topics:
–Her bad experience with a rental car company, illustrating the “lifetime value of a customer”
–Words customers hate to hear, and what we should say instead
–What to say when you write a complaint letter
–Making sure we hire people who embody our company’s culture
–The advantages of employee empowerment
–What a “gap analysis is,” and how we can close the gap
–Direct connection between how employees are treated and how they treat customers
–Putting variety into employee recognition

And much more. For sure, everyone who wants to upgrade his or her firm’s customer service will benefit from Theo’s recommendations.


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