Technology Leader Terry Brock Gives Valuable Tips About Video Production

Many of us need to learn video production–in order to connect productively wtih customers and prospective customers who prefer video to print and audio messages.

So you will want to hear my interview, posted above, with Terry Brock, truly a world leader in video/marketing expertise.

In fact, I suggest that you watch this video with some of your workplace colleagues, and immediately afterward determine your next steps for moving into the video age more effectively.

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Highest Level of Communication: Commitment

A golf professional told me–talking about life, not golf–“Losers make promises. Winners make commitments.”

In this brief video, you’ll hear about a splendid example of commitment I experienced when my friend Terry Brock said he would drive from out of town to meet me for lunch.

Then stormy weather arrived and. . .

…watch the video above to see what happened, and what we can learn from Terry that will benefit our business communication.

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