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Among the resources I offer for learning to speak powerfully:

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“How to Speak with Poise, Power, and Persuasion”
“Always Push the Up Button: How to Stay Highly Motivated—Every Day!”
(Clearly, you have to stay highly motivated in order to motivate an audience.)

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The Complete Communicator: Change Your Communication, Change Your Life!

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“Six Ways to Control Your Stage Fright”
“3 More Ways to Control Your Stage Fright”
“You Don’t Need to Imitate”
“How to Speak for Video Production”
“7 Ways to Lighten Up Your Speech”
“Don’t Start Your Speech by Telling a Joke”

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“5 Ways to Captivate Your Audience in the First 5 Minutes”

“5 Things You Want Them Saying After Your Speech”

“Don’t Speak to Strangers”

“Captivate Your Audience with Provocative Questions”

“Speaking Tips for Your Video Production”


When clients live close by, the Speech Coaching takes place on site.

When clients are not located nearby, distance learning works well, through Skype, video, phone sessions, and other methods. Currently I am working productively with a client based in Detroit.

Check my Speech Coaching page, to read more about my coaching and to see what clients are saying about how my services have benefited them:

As you become more skilled as a speaker, you will want to produce videos–quickly, simply, and cost effectively. Many iPad owners don’t realize that their iPad camera has marvelous potential for video production. Here’s a description of how I can train you, with the assistance of veteran technology expert Mike Stewart, “The Internet Video Guy.”

Contact me to describe your Speech Coaching needs, so we can design a customized plan for you.


Don’t Start Your Speech by Telling a Joke

Do you think that starting your speech by telling a joke is a sure-fire way to grab attention and set an upbeat mood for your presentation?

Then watch my video explanation (above) of the pitfalls surrounding joke-telling in your introduction. Note, too, my recommendation for another way to use humor at the start–without risk.

And to hear even more guidelines for becoming a champion speaker, order my audio CD, “How to Speak with Poise, Power, and Persuasion,” available from my online shopping cart. Scroll down the product list until you locate this CD under its original title, “How to Become a Dynamic Speaker!”

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