Brad Bonomo Encourages Managers to Relate to Employees Personally

Brad Bonomo and I became acquainted when he made insightful comments on my Clubhouse room, “The Communication Corner.” I knew quickly that he would provide helpful information as the guest on my video/podcast “Biz Communication Show.” Above you’ll see that interview, which I encourage you to watch.

Among our discussion topics: communication flaws he discovers in his executive coaching, how managers can get helpful feedback from employees and how corporations maintained teamwork during the isolation brought on by Covid.

You’ll benefit greatly from watching the interview and taking careful notes. Also, you’ll see that at the end of the interview Brad gives his contact information, and I give mine.


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What Level of Listening Describes You?

How important is listening, both for interpersonal and organizational communication?

For decades I have said that listening is one of our most powerful communication tools–yet one of the most neglected.

How well do you listen? Watch the one minute 45 second video above, to hear me explain Stephen Covey’s five levels of listening. As you watch, evaluate your listening habits–and candidly evaluate which slot you belong in.

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