Include Vital Details When You Tell Stories

Include Vital Details When You Tell Stories from Bill Lampton, Ph.D. on Vimeo.

The most effective presenters tell stories skillfully. As this brief video underscores, providing vital details brings the stories to life. Every one of my Speech Coaching clients has heard me emphasize this point repeatedly.

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World Renowned Speaker Terry Brock Recommends My Speech Coaching


When you hear Terry Brock identified as a “world renowned speaker,” you might wonder what justifies that description. Begin by noting that his most recent e-mail to me arrived the evening before he would speak in the Bahamas. Add that he has spoken, directed seminars, and consulted in live presentations all over the world including: Mexico, England, Australia, Russia, Ireland, China, Japan, Thailand, Argentina, Indonesia, Nigeria, Singapore, Bermuda, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates. Also, he is a virtual presentation expert, allowing him to break the bonds of distance and time to serve clients according to their needs.

Terry is a syndicated columnist with Business Journals around the US where he writes his weekly column, “Succeeding Today.” And there’s more: When Skype needed someone who could work with them in social media, video interviews, PR work and more, they brought Terry on as Chief Enterprise Blogger. AT&T came to Terry when they needed help with their largest blog, Networking Exchange Blog. He became the Editor-in-Chief for that distinguished publication.

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