Speak with Greater Poise, Power, and Persuasion

Daniel Webster, one of America’s greatest statesmen and orators, said: “If I were to lose all of my possessions except one, I would keep the power of communication–for by it I would soon regain all of the rest.

You can agree to that statement easily. In your business, professional, and civic life, you have noticed that those who can speak with “poise, power, and persuasion” will be more likely to:
–Get hired from among many applicants
–Earn promotions to upper level management
–Become CEOs
–Provide dynamic team leadership
–Assume leadership roles in prominent community organizations
–Enjoy a level of self-confidence that even improves their social life

The Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce is well aware of these and other advantages that compelling speakers enjoy. That’s why the Chamber leaders join me in inviting you to the Small Business Success Seminar I’ll direct at the Chamber office on Tuesday, September 14. The seminar’s title:

“How to Control Your Stage Fright–and Speak with Poise, Power, and Persuasion”

As a full-time professional speaker and Speech Coach since 1997, I have learned strategies that will help you:
–Reduce your stage fright. . .replace panic with poise
–Learn the best methods of preparation and delivery
–Use humor tastefully
–Replace boring statistics with captivating stories
–Avoid “Death by Power Point”
–Understand why the speaker holds the “trump card”
–Radically change your view of audiences
–Forget perfection, strive for professionalism

The Greater Hall Chamber joins me in encouraging you to register right away. Here are the details you need:

Small Business Seminar Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce
9/14/2010 7:45 AM   Price: $Free for members, $15 non members

Small Business Success Seminar
“How to Speak with Power, Poise & Persuasion” by Bill Lampton Ph.D.

Contact Information
Brittany Holtzclaw
770 532 6206 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              770 532 6206      end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              770 532 6206      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Yes, I am very eager to assist you. For more information about my qualifications to serve as your Speech Coach on September 14, please visit my Web site:

Your Invitation to “The Communication Corner”

Do you want to spend an hour with outstanding communication experts every week–at no cost?

Do you want to hear what top-tier business and professional people do to:
*Speak with greater confidence, and enjoy more visible results
*Increase their sales
*Resolve management conflicts
*Improve their family relationships
*Make outstanding first impressions
*Translate their professional jargon so you can understand it
*Score well in job interviews
*Relate effectively to those with differing personal styles of communication
*Solve disputes with unhappy customers
*Use the Social Media wisely

Then join me every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. (U.S. Eastern Time) on WBCX, 89.1FM, “The Voice of Brenau,” where I host “The Communication Corner,” broadcasting from the Brenau University campus radio station in Gainesville, Georgia.

NOTE: If you do not live near Gainesville, you can still hear the broadcast, “streaming live.” Click on this link, and then click on the colorful icon on the lower left side of that page:

See you in The Communication Corner–and please bring your colleagues and friends with you.

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