Control Your Stage Fright for Speeches, Video Production, Sales Presentations and Job Interviews

Mike Stewart–my longtime mentor, coach and friend–interviewed me on his “Mike Stewart Live” video show/podcast. You’ll want to hear our interview, as I share my favorite tips about keeping your confidence level high whether you are:

–facing a live audience
–interviewing for a job
–directing a meeting
–recording a video
–selling your service or product

The interview:

You’ll note at the end of the interview I describe my book about stage fright, and encourage you to order it from Amazon, either the paperback or Kindle version.

The book is very brief–yet packed with 25 tips that will help you immensely in every type of communication.

As Mike Stewart said in introducing me, I have helped many clients gain poise that leads to persuasion–and profits!

First, visit my Web site, to learn about my services for corporations and leaders:

NEXT: Call me to describe your “performance anxiety” (the fancy name for stage fright). We’ll explore how I can assist you, so you will become the speaker every audience wants to hear.

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6 Steps for Controlling Your Stage Fright

 You know some of the reactions you might have when you’re going to give a speech:

Churning stomach
Dry mouth
Tight throat
Excessive perspiration
Wobbly knees
Memory loss

You have experienced these symptoms because they are so common. However, you can learn to control your anxiety–and, surprisingly, even make your stage fright work to your advantage.

Here’s are the 6 steps you need:

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