Ricky Steele Gives 3 Advantages of Twitter

Ricky Steele, Chief Development Officer for Hunter Technical Resources in Atlanta, Georgia, has established a stellar, widespread reputation for his ability to create and maintain professional relationships. “Networking” could serve as his middle name, quite easily.

Included in his area of expertise: Social Media. So I invited Ricky to share some of his ideas and recommendations about twitter in this first of three video interviews about Social Media. Watch this video to learn how you can get maximum advantage from twitter, and even discover shortcuts that will save valuable time.

You’ll find Ricky’s contact information on his Web site:

When you visit his site, order his book, The Heart of Networking, which I have given a 5-star review on Amazon. You’ll note that I endorse the book in this video as well.
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How did Ricky Steele become such a magnetic leader? Why is he widely known as a powerful networker and sales professional? What turned him into an author and an in-demand speaker?

The answer is simple. He disciplined himself to learn year after year from other professionals. Did you hear him say this during our interview? “I follow some really influential people, certainly Tom Peters, Guy Kawasaki, and Seth Godin.”

Sure, Ricky has natural talent, as we all do. Yet raw talent alone will not shape you into a top-tier communicator. You get there by reading books, articles, blogs, and newsletters. You improve by watching training videos. You sign up for seminars and conferences. You listen to podcasts. You hire mentors and coaches.

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Follow Ricky Steele’s example. Become a lifelong student of communication. Eventually, someone could very well interview you about your area of expertise, and produce a video that benefits others.

Silence is Not Golden in Tough Times

Many of us grew up hearing our parents advise us that “silence is golden.” In a recent article, Eileen McDargh says that advice has become outmoded.

Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE
Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE

Here are her major reasons why these tough economic times require us to engage in more face-to-face communication than previously.As much as technology has helped us in the last two decades–with innovative devices like Skype, webinars, videoconferencing, e-mail, blogs, and the social media–McDargh gives these reasons for exchanging ideas in person:

(1) In the absence of information, we connect the dots in the most pathological way possible.
(2) E-mail works fine for data but when emotions are involved, only face-to-face really carries the day
(3) There’s a huge benefit when people gather to share ideas, brainstorm new procedures, learn more about team members, have questions answered, or explore ways to streamline work loads.
(4) Smart companies will use this downtime to cross train, to coach for performance and career development, and involve employees in corporate decisions.
(5) Diverse perspectives are critical for innovation and these are best gleaned through conversation.

Bottom Line: The organization will have a solid, committed employee base, poised to move into front position when the turnaround comes.

But this will only happen if TALK becomes the preferred vehicle of communication.

Eileen McDargh is founder of McDargh Communications, a consulting and training company specializing in inner and interpersonal skill development for the purpose of improving the life of a business and the business of life. Visit Eileen at

or http://www.theresilientspirit.com.

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