Diane Crompton–Social Media Expert

Social Media Expert Diane Crompton Just After our Interview in "The Communication Corner" on WBCX

Diane Crompton and I met when she attended my presentation for the Association for Career Professionals International in Atlanta, GA. As we chatted afterward, I learned that she was writing the final chapters of her second book with co-author Ellen Sautter, Find a Job Through Social Networking: Use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and More to Advance Your Career. Clearly, Diane has mastered an area that many of us have just become acquainted with in the last two or three years.

When I launched my radio interview show–“The Communication Corner”–with WBCX-FM, 89.1, “The Voice of Brenau,” Diane and I started searching for an interview date that matched her calendar. Fortunately, we completed her interview this morning. You will be eager to hear her advice on relevant topics like these:

*Building your brand through Social Media
*Corporate rules and guidelines for employee use of the Social Media
*Detailed tips for getting the most out of LinkedIn
*How to get powerful written testimonials for your sites
*Using Social Media groups to bolster your visibility and credibility
*Hash marks, Follow Friday, and other Twitter terms
*Job search and ongoing career management
*Using Social Media for networking
*Creating an optimized professional profile

Whether you are actively seeking employment or just want to sharpen your Social Media skills, you will want to hear Diane share ideas and strategies that hundreds of clients invest sizable fees to hear. For more about her services and her contact information, here’s her LinkedIn link:

And here’s how you can pre-order her book through Amazon:

Now, to hear my interview with Diane, click the arrow below in the Podcast section of this blog page, located just above the Audio MP3 lettering.

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