Beau Henderson’s 3 “RichLife” Keys to Success

RichLife Keys to Success from Bill Lampton, Ph.D. on Vimeo.

Beau Henderson, CEO of RichLife Advisors, talked with me this week about the “RichLife” 3 keys to success. Beau has high credibility on this topic, because of his rapid rise to prominence as a financial adviser and radio show host heard internationally. Watch this brief video interview. Take careful notes on his recommendations, and put them into action.

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Former College Athlete Redefines “Rich Life”


Beau Henderson learned how to compete at the highest athletic level when he played defensive end for the University of Georgia Bulldogs for four seasons, following a stellar high school football career.

Now he is still competing, in one of the toughest professions around, especially in this economy. Beau serves as Senior Financial Advisor with Fiduciary Capital.

Beau and I met when he enlisted me as his Speech Coach. As his opportunities to speak to groups of prospects and clients increased, he wanted to become a powerful, persuasive, and poised speaker, so he could share his message with maximum impact.

Shortly after we started his presentation skills training, I learned that Beau’s concept of success goes well beyond the stereotype that some people have of financial planners. Not satisfied with enabling his clients to add dollars to their portfolios, he wants them to understand–and experience–a fresh concept of “Rich Life.” In his words:

“A RichLife doesn’t just happen. Whether it’s building long-term financial success, achieving better health, spending more time with your kids, seeing the world—or more likely a combination of all these things and more—whatever your vision of a meaningful life is, you have to seek it, plan for it and maintain it. This is where you start.”

Having served more than 2,000 clients already, Beau has formed the habit of asking them, “What is important to you?” He learns what clients want out of life, and helps them achieve their dreams.

Over the past dozen years, I have provided Speech Coaching for executives at Gillette, Procter & Gamble, Duracell, Aivant, Worldwide, Inc., and Checkmate Cash Advance, among others. Every professional person I coach teaches me plenty about imagination, goals, creativity, drive, and other keys to success.

Among my Speech Coaching clients, Beau Henderson stands tall, not just as a towering former football star, but as a financial leader who is eager to help others discover riches that far exceed their bank balances.

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