Linda Hensel: How to Make the Most of Your Voice

Voice Over Specialist Linda Hensel

With my Speech Coaching clients, I refer to the voice as “our spoken signature.” The parallel is obvious. Just as each of us has a distinctive written signature, your voice is uniquely yours. Remember when you called a former classmate you hadn’t talked with in fifteen years? Before you even identified yourself, your friend recognized you and called your name.

With our voice carrying such remarkable significance, we want to make maximum use of our vocal skills. That’s why I interviewed Linda Hensel of Stockbridge, Georgia. She serves as President of Adnil Productions, Inc.

Her reputation as a voice over producer has grown rapidly, and she has expanded her client list to cover a comprehensive array of industries.

In my interview with Linda in “The Communication Corner”–the program I host weekly for WBCX-FM, 89.1, “The Voice of Brenau”–we discussed how to make the most of your voice. Among our topics:

–Should we imitate great voices we admire?
–How does our normal conversational voice differ from our public speaking voice?
–What voice tips will help us in our job search?
–Overcoming a monotone voice
–What a rapid rate of speaking indicates
–Impact of regional accents
–Why don’t recordings of my voice sound like I think they should?
–Instructions for your company’s new receptionist
–Best guidelines for your voice mail
–Becoming a voice over professional

You can contact Linda by e-mail and phone:

You’ll find vital professional information about her on LinkedIn:

She is available as a voice over artist for your company–one of the wisest business investments you could make this year.

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