The Why Are You Here Cafe

Bill at Florence, Italy cafe
Bill at Florence, Italy cafe

Yep, there I am relaxing in a sidewalk cafe in Florence, Italy two years ago–not thinking about anything other than the gorgeous day. You can be sure I wasn’t pondering deep questions about the meaning of my life.

Yet I learned that there is a mystical legend-in-the-making cafe that does prompt customers to probe deeply into their Purpose for Existence. My venture in that direction started when my friend and mentor Terry Brock of Orlando, Florida gave me a small paperback book a year ago with an intriguing title: The Why Are You Here Cafe I read the book quickly–easy to do, since the novel is only 161 pages. The author’s idea impressed me, though not startlingly.

A year later, while traveling, I read about this imaginary cafe again, this time with a pen in hand, so I could take careful notes. Almost instantly, the book captivated me far more compellingly than at first. I invite you to watch my review, which lasts just beyond two minutes:

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