You Can Produce Quality Videos with Your iPad

Mike and Bill Relaxing After "The Communication Corner"
Mike and Bill Ready to Help You

Yes, you know that you need to produce videos to compete successfully with others in your niche. However, you are reluctant to try, because. . .

–You think you’ll have to purchase a costly high definition camera
–You’ve been told you’ll need an expensive external microphone
–You can’t understand the lingo, such as “S3 Media,” “flv file,” “Vegas Movie Studio,” and “splitting”
–You hear colleagues say that video production requires 15-20 complicated steps

They were right–previously. Now video production has become simpler, faster, more portable, and amazingly cost-effective. . .if you are an iPad user. That’s correct–your iPad camera is on standby, waiting for you to learn how to maximize your potential.

That’s where Mike Stewart and I come in. We are just a call away from showing you how to produce videos that will:
–Increase your credibility
–Demonstrate your product/service
–Personalize your message, by being there visually instead of just in print
–Strengthen your Web site’s appeal
–Allow you to describe the speech you are going to present to an audience
–Preserve treasured family times

and so much more.

To illustrate the quality of videos generated by an iPad camera, here’s a video I used to encourage viewers to attend my presentation at the University of Georgia:

Now it’s your turn to move into the iPad video arena. To arrange instruction sessions with Mike and me, contact me to discuss your needs:

Call me: 678-316-4300

Not only can we design a training program that fits your needs, you’ll have the option to purchase Mike’s visually rich online training modules, which you can watch at your convenience.

Thanks for allowing us to assist you in turning your iPad into a video production studio.

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