Bob Pennington Translates Investment Lingo

My Guest, Investment Expert Bob Pennington

Yes, every day we hear investment lingo we don’t understand fully, such as:

Bull Market and Bear Market
Inflation and Deflation
Recession and Depression
Dollar Cost Averaging
Market plunge because of “profit sharing”
Diversified Portfolio

And hey. . .could anyone please tell us how the Bernie Madoff “Ponzi Scheme” lasted for more than two decades before he was caught and convicted? Plus, what have we learned from that fiasco?

Happily, I just hosted a guest who answered those questions, and many more, in an information-packed hour. You’ll want to listen, take careful notes, and follow his advice, which includes:

*The worst mistake most investors make
*The credentials your stock adviser should have
*Why there is reason for optimism now, despite the gloomy headlines
*Why “dollar cost averaging” makes sense

Truly, this audio interview is well worth sharing with your family, business colleagues, and friends. They will be grateful that Bob Pennington has translated the financial jargon most professionals don’t bother to explain.

For more about Bob’s company–Willis Investment Counsel– visit the Web site:
And you can call him: 770-718-0706

Oh, an interesting and amusing bonus. . .I open the program by telling you how the term “Piggy Bank” got started. I promise, you’d never guess.

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