Why Betty Wouldn’t Talk About the Other Side of Her Coffee Cup

I’m sure you have worked with people who seemed as inflexible as a brick wall. Regardless of how you tried to establish rapport with them, they didn’t welcome your approach.

Betty was that way. Watch the video above to hear about a conversation with her (which turned out to be very brief) about her coffee cup.


Clearly, my frustrating interactions with Betty reflect a common problem. Not all people are alike. You and I may be distinctly different from our colleagues. As was the case with Betty, everybody on our team contributes significantly to the success of the organization. Yet that doesn’t guarantee that we will relate well with each other.

No, there’s not a magic way to change our co-workers, so that we see every situation the same and react identically.

Here’s the workable solution: Contract with me to provide the DISC Survey Form online for each of your employees. When they have completed the form, we’ll schedule my individual interviews with each one (virtually or on site), to assure they understand themselves better and–equally as important–understand others better.

Organizations that learn DISC this way experience increased morale, teamwork, productivity–and profits.

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