Global Consultant Terry Brock Underscores the Power of Video

I invite you to click on the video above. Why? You will benefit instantly from hearing renowned global speaker, consultant and coach Terry Brock, who made a guest appearance on my “Biz Communication Show,” which appears on YouTube and iTunes. Watch Terry now to hear him discuss:

–the power of video
–coaches who helped shape his remarkable career
–listening skills
–books he recommends

and much more in this information-packed twenty minutes.

Because he has been one of my major coaches and mentors for more than two decades, I can assure you that watching this video now will give you valuable information and ideas.

As the interview ends, Terry Brock provides his contact information. I highly encourage you to connect with him quickly.

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Interview with Gina Carr About Tribes

Once the word tribe had a narrow meaning–a group that banded together primarily for survival and protection, usually in one location.

The buzz in the business world has enlarged the meaning–and Seth Godin’s book by that title popularized the new concept. Possibly you may wonder what a contemporary tribe is all about.

Fortunately, I found a tribe expert–and leader of several tribes–in Atlanta, Georgia, Gina Carr. This twelve and a half minute interview with Gina is worth every second you’ll spend watching, listening, and taking careful notes.

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