Talking with Katie Highsmith About Media Relations

Katie Highsmith, Host of "The Local Hour"

Katie Highsmith hosts “The Local Hour” on WDUN, AM 550 in Gainesville, Georgia–one of the most popular radio programs in Northeast Georgia. After the BP public relations catastrophe, Katie interviewed me about what an organization should do before, during, and after a media crisis. Listen to our brief interview that includes:
*Why you should never say “No comment,” and what to say instead
*Why every organization needs a written Crisis Communication plan, and what should be in it
*The harm that “little white lies” can do to credibility
*Statements by the BP CEO that enraged the public, such as “I’d like to get my life back”
*Steps an organization should take to cultivate the media before a crisis happens
*Damaging phrases to avoid. Example: “We estimate the damage to be around $450,000”

*Appropriate steps after a highly publicized crisis, to restore public trust

Now, to hear my interview with Katie, click the arrow below in the Podcast section of this blog page, located just above the Audio MP3 lettering.

Columbine High School didn’t know when a tragedy was about to happen. Nor did New York City on September 11, 2001. And officials at the Federal Building in Oklahoma City had never heard of Timothy McVeigh.

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