Cold Calling King Matthew Lampros Shares Sales Strategies

Through his writing and consulting Matthew Lampros has established a well-earned reputation as the king of cold calling.

Here’s his most recent book, written to help field sales professionals excel during the Covid-19 crisis. Available on Amazon, packed with business gems from 101 experts.

Recently I welcomed Matthew as a guest on my weekly “Biz Communication Show.” You will benefit greatly from the sales strategies he shared, so I encourage you to watch the interview now. In fact, invite your sales team to watch with you:


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Cold Call Expert Tells Us How to Get Prospect Appointments

You look at the telephone for a long time. You know there are potential clients you could call. In fact, you’ve had a list on your desk for weeks. Yet you have taken no action. Why?

Because you are afraid of cold calling.

You have plenty of company. Even some seasoned sales professionals wish they could simply show up for appointments, though they know that approach won’t usually work.

So what if you could hear from the “Cold Calling Authority,” who could help you overcome your reluctance to telephone those you don’t know? Plus, tell you how to succeed.

Fortunately, you can. Watch my interview with Matthew Lampros on my “Biz Communication Show,” featured above.

You will welcome his recommendations for changing our thinking about calling unknown prospects, which will generate changed actions and measurable results.

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