Amanda Pearch Tells How Her Hospitality Experience Contributed to Her Professional Growth

Watch the video above to hear Amanda Pearch in her guest appearance on my “Biz Communication Show.” She serves admirably as the Chief Marketing Officer for Business RadioX. In our conversation, Amanda traces her current success back to the lessons she learned in the hospitality industry, working with top-tier hotels in the Atlanta, GA area.

Additionally, in her highly energetic style Amanda talked about
–networking tips
–branding through business radio appearances and hosting
–the radio show she is launching

and other topics that will help you boost your business.


Her influence in the Atlanta Metropolitan area led to her recognition as one of the “Top 35 Under 35” as a Gwinnett Young Professional.

So don’t delay–watch the interview with Amanda at the top of the page–now!

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Having Lunch with a Genius


Yes, someone here is having lunch with a genius. She isn’t–I am!

The genius is Gina Carr. Degrees from Georgia Tech and Harvard’s Business School. Quite a combination, don’t you think?

Then Gina applied her education, along with her natural talents.She became a top-level Century 21 realtor very quickly.  Simultaneously, she launched a regional chain of community magazines.

Oh well, everyone should have known she was destined for stardom–when she sold more peanut brittle than anyone else in her first grade class.

Before our enjoyable lunch, I had the privilege of interviewing Gina. Stay on the lookout for the video interview, which I will post here. Our topic: Tribes–what they mean, how you can benefit from belonging and contributing.

If you’re not doing so already, be sure to tweet with her on Twitter. Her ID there is GinaCarr

Also, view her blog, which offers a ton of useful guidelines for success:

Gads, I hope some of her brilliance was contagious today.

Someone told me a year ago that I am so lucky, because I get to meet such fascinating people, who are champion achievers. They are right. Fortunately, the ones I meet are, like Gina, genuinely fine people.

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