Career and Job Search Guidance from Lori Davila

Lori Davila, internationally acclaimed career expert

You don’t have to be a news junkie to know that the American job market presents a huge challenge for any job seeker–whether you are a new college graduate or a seasoned professional.

The big question: What really works for job seekers? What separates you– successfully--from others who want to enter or re-enter the work force?

To find the answers and share them in “The Communication Corner”–the interview program I host weekly for WBCX, 89.1 FM, “The Voice of Brenau”–I welcomed internationally acclaimed career and job search expert Lori Davila, who provides her services from Atlanta, Georgia.

Our 60-minute discussion covered these topics, and related themes:
–Special tips for workers age 50 and above
–Determining which job or profession suits you best
–How “Laughter Yoga” boosts the applicant’s spirit
–Putting your “gems” (major accomplishments) upfront in your resume
–Replacing the old, obsolete way of job-seeking
—  “Head Hunters”
–Using LinkedIn to full advantage
–Networking effectively
–Interviews that include meals
–Negotiating for greater salary and benefits

Lori Davila provided her answers with vitality, clear how-to examples, and her obvious desire to help you get the job you want in the career slot that maximizes your talent and skill.

After hearing our interview, you will want to visit her two Web sites:
This site offers the proverbial gold mine of resources for job hunters–some on a complimentary basis, others for purchasing, such as Lori’s books and coaching plan.
I recommend that you pay special attention to the Success Stories section. Clearly, Lori is making a highly positive impact on the careers of people at all levels.

Lori displays her contact information on both Web sites.

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