How to Lighten Up When You Speak

You hear so much advice about giving speeches, such as:
–Don’t say “uh”
–This speech is very important for your career. . .in fact it’s critical
–Be sure not to leave out anything significant
–Rehearse your speech aloud several times
–Don’t refer to your notes very often
–Enunciate clearly
–Our most important clients will be at this meeting
–Vary your speaking rate

Well, no wonder we get so uptight about making a speech. Our colleagues tell us this is a “do or die” situation, so we start believing that ourselves. Plus, we get overwhelmed by the instructions and tips well-meaning advisers offer. To borrow a sports phrase, we fall victim to “paralysis by analysis.”

That’s why I encourage you to watch this video on how to lighten up when you speak.

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