How Mark-ed-ing Differs From Traditional Marketing

Lorrie Thomas Ross, widely acclaimed as the “Marketing Therapist,” joined my “Biz Communication Show” for a highly informative discussion about marketing. You will benefit by listening and taking careful notes on her marketing theory and strategies.

Lorrie’s highly professional advice will help you design your 2021 marketing program for maximum results.

The interview:

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Finally Met My Favorite Author


Four years ago McGraw-Hill asked me to review the new book by Lorrie Thomas, The McGraw-Hill 36 Hour Course: Online Marketing. Because the book provided so many valuable marketing guidelines and recommendations, I gave Online Marketing a 5 star rating in my video and text review.

Lorrie and I became Internet acquaintances. Soon I invited her to appear as a guest on “The Communication Corner,” a radio show I co-hosted with Kristina Rhoades at Brenau University. Lorrie agreed, even though she lived in Santa Barbara, California–meaning she would join our broadcast at 6:00 AM in her time zone. As expected, she helped our listeners understand what today’s business leaders must do to market their products and services successfully. She earns her moniker: “The Web Therapist.”

My favorite Lorrie Thomas Ross (she married after the book’s publication) advice: “The true meaning of marketing is maximizing relationships.” Close by is this gem: “start small, then snowball.”

A few weeks ago, Lorrie e-mailed me that she had moved to Alpharetta, Georgia in the metropolitan Atlanta area, just an hour’s drive from my Gainesville, GA office. Not long afterward, we met in person for the first time when we attended the book club meeting hosted several times a year by Bob Littell, author of The Heart and Art of Netweaving. What a privilege to meet someone I had admired from across the continent!

In addition to her writing skills, Lorrie has become an in-demand speaker, seminar director, and consultant. Already, she has started filling her professional calendar in her new location–and still works nationwide.

I encourage you to benefit from Lorrie’s book, as I did along with many other readers. Here’s my video review:

Clearly, I remain grateful that Lorrie expanded my understanding of marketing–and that she moved to Georgia, where we will enjoy both professional affiliation and friendship.


Her Web site:

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