Pierre Quinn’s Method for Improving Listening Skills

When I had the privilege of interviewing Pierre Quinn–an esteemed author, speaker, coach and consultant–on my weekly “Biz Communication Show” video/podcast, he shared some of the strategies he uses when he coaches business leaders who need communication training. You will benefit by watching the interview now:


My favorite segment involved his method for coaching leaders who demonstrate inadequate listening skills. He said there’s no copyright on that method, so any of us are free to use his approach. My guess is you’ll want to try that with those with limited listening behavior.

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Tim Patterson and I Discuss Management, Speaking and Listening

Tim Patterson–known at the TradeshowGuy–interviewed me, the Biz Communication Guy, on his “Monday Morning Coffee Podcast,” which he hosts weekly.

You’ll benefit from hearing our lively discussion about management, speaking, and listening.

Plus, a humorous bonus: during the first three minutes you’ll get a few chuckles as Tim talks about highly unusual laws that remain on the books in some states.

Now, here’s the interview:


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