Karen Chace’s Suit– “Just Back from the Cleaners”

Professional Storyteller Karen Chace in Action
Professional Storyteller Karen Chace in Action

A few days ago I posted an article I had written about perception, discussing some factors that can cause each of us to interpret the same event so differently. Almost instantly, professional storyteller Karen Chace–based in East Freetown, MA– responded by recalling an incident that illustrated my major point perfectly. In her words:

“Funny sidebar to your quote on Ben Franklin re: dirty glasses. Yesterday, I was at a restaurant and used the facilities. As I took a moment to fix my hair I noticed a spot on my suit and began to lament the stain as it was fresh from the dry cleaners. On closer inspection I realized it was not a stain but rather a chip in the mirror. A funny moment for me and definitely fits your article about perception.”

Thanks to Karen for supporting the points I made in my article about perception:

And you will want to check these links to become more familiar with Karen Chace’s offerings:
Web site: http://www.storybug.net

Blog: http://www.KarenChace.blogspot.com

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