Mike Banks’ Top Business Communication Keys

Mike Banks, Owner of Mike Banks Consulting in Gainesville, Georgia, has excelled in three professions: broadcasting, fund raising, and banking. Additionally, he has devoted his vast talents to numerous civic and charitable causes. Fortunately, Mike shares his top business success keys in this interview, all centering on communication skills.

The first time I saw Mike, he was introducing Amanda Blake, “Miss Kitty” on TV’s Gunsmoke, for her speech at a fund raising conference. Another high profile contact–hearing Mike on the public address system at the University of Georgia’s football games. And besides seeing each other at several fund raising conferences, we spent two weeks together with a tour group in Italy, with Mike as the guide.

Today, Mike is off to a fast start as a business consultant, which isn’t surprising, considering his high credibility.

Note that Mike includes his phone number and e-mail address in the video. Contact him, and watch your professional progress accelerate.

Now. . .watch this highly informative, interesting, and helpful interview with Mike Banks.

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