Dimitra Moore–Powerhouse of Energy

"Powerhouse of Energy" Dimitra Moore

Readers of my blog and newsletter comment frequently, “Bill, you really meet some fascinating people.” I agree–and not only do I enjoy associating with dedicated professionals, I learn plenty from them. And then I share what I learn with you.

Through twitter I became acquainted with Dimitra Moore, based in Athens, Greece. In our “tweet” exchanges, I learned about her prior leadership roles in business administration and human resources management at multinational American companies. In fact, while directing a Supervisory Directors Meeting for the Ledra-Marriott Hotel, she heard this compliment from a participant:

“Dimitra, you are a powerhouse of energy.”

Yet she left corporate life, transitioning voluntarily from the hospitality industry to a home-based business. The result? She has reached the prestigious Platinum Team Leader level for SFI.

Through our e-mail exchanges, I noted that her work ethic remained remarkable. “It is ten to four in the morning here,” she wrote recently, “and I’ve been up training online for more than 10 hours.” She added: “Because all this work is for a very good cause, I don’t feel tired at all.”

For additional insight into Dimitra’s success formula, check these excerpts from SFI’s interview with her last November:

Q) What is the single most important step to making a sale that you can share?
A)The full knowledge of what we are selling is of utmost importance. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of reading. With knowledge, our customers and affiliates can sense our confidence and honesty, especially when we promote the added value benefits of the SFI superior products and services for THEM!

Q) What technologies do you consider most vital for your business?
A)I use a cell phone. I believe people prefer the human contact rather than the impersonal autoresponders.

Q) List the following traits in order of importance to your business: enthusiasm, persistence, knowledge, and communication skills.
A)Knowledge, communication skills, enthusiasm, and persistence. I would add continuous promotion!!

Q) How important is following up with new affiliates to your success?
A)Follow-up is vital to maintain healthy communication and rapport with my affiliates. Many affiliates, though, are not responsive to follow ups.

Q) What has been your biggest motivation for making your SFI business a success?
A)My firm determination to make a difference as a successful SFI home-business entrepreneur!

Q) What has been your biggest obstacle in building your SFI business?
A)I did not allow any obstacle to stand in my way to build my SFI business!

Q) How does it feel to join the top movers and shakers in SFI?
A)It is a thrilling, joyful, and motivating feeling!

Q) Where do you want your SFI business to be a year from now?
A)I want my SFI Business to be globally known and appreciated. I want my SFI business to be first among equals, to stand out from the crowd on the Web. I want my SFI business to be always a top quality, inspiring model of emulation!

Dimitra devotes some of her vast energy to caring for the elderly and disabled. She volunteers for the Greek Red Cross, and tweets regularly with a 104 year old lady who enjoys chatting online.

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