Multi-Book Author Dianna Booher Reveals Her Writing Productivity Method

You may have been saying this to yourself–and even to others–for years: “I should write a book. I’ve mastered a topic, and I want to help others understand what I’ve learned. But I have no idea how to break into publication–other than paying to get my manuscript printed.”

If writing a book remains one of your goals, and you dream about landing a contract with a major publishing house, you will want to watch my interview–at the top of this page–with esteemed author Dianna Booher, based in the Dallas/Forth Worth area and serving clients worldwide for decades.


Her literary credentials: She has published 49 books which are translated into 62 languages. For years she has hosted Booher’s Book Camp, with aspiring authors spending three days with her instructing them, answering their questions and evaluating their work. The goal is to have each participant emerge with a proposal that will appeal to an agent and ultimately to top-line publishers.

I recommend Dianna highly as a book coach. I’ve read many of her books and posted 5-star reviews about them on Amazon.


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Esteemed Communication Consultant Gives Valuable Advice

Esteemed communication consultant Dianna Booher gives valuable advice in this interview that I hosted on my weekly video program, the “Biz Communication Show.”

Listen to her tips and strategies about executive presence, executives who don’t listen, strong messages our body language sends, and writing like you talk.

Here’s the lively and informative interview:

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