Monique Honaman’s Advice on Leadership and Communication

With HR Expert Monique Honaman

When I wanted “The Communication Corner” (my radio interview program on WBCX, “The Voice of Brenau”) to focus on Leadership and Communication, my guest list narrowed to one person–Monique Honaman, President/CEO of the ISHR group in Atlanta, Georgia. We became acquainted several years ago, and have stayed in touch since because of our mutual professional interests. When you listen to the audio, you will hear me provide part of her impressive credentials.

By listening to this audio, you will hear Monique’s advice about vital topics that every dedicated professional needs to be well informed about. Among our discussion items:

*The management style of legendary CEO Jack Welch of General Electric. Monique held leadership roles in GE for a decade during Welch’s time at the top

*How leaders can resolve conflicts among employees

*The HBDI instrument–how it helps people understand and adjust to communication styles unlike their own preferred style

*The vital role of listening skills among top-tier managers

*Why “small talk” really isn’t so small after all

*How extensively should leaders get involved in the Social Media?

*What we risk by reducing face-to-face training sessions and retreats

*The most effective way to break bad news to employees

*Why genuine compliments boost morale

*Maintaining a balanced life in the midst of our customarily frantic pace

Clearly, this audio will be well worth your 60 minutes. After hearing the guidelines Monique proposes, and putting them into action, you will enrich your communication skills–and become the leader you have wanted to be.

Now, to hear my interview with Monique, click the arrow below in the Podcast section of this blog page, located just above the Audio MP3 lettering.

For more about her company, her services, and of course her contact information, visit her Web site:

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