It’s Great to Coach Kelly Russo, a Dedicated Client


This morning Kelly Russo, owner of Russo Rehabilitation, joined me for our first in a series of Speech Coaching sessions. Today’s half-day discussion started with an extended explanation of Kelly’s DISC Personal Style Analysis report. Next, we spent ninety minutes exploring my innovative and informative quiz, “What’s Your Speaking I.Q.?”

In our next meeting, Kelly will make two presentations, which I will videotape with my highly portable equipment. We will replay the videos, critique her speeches, and identify strategies for strengthening her presentation skills.

It’s great to work with a dedicated client like Kelly. She knows what she wants to accomplish, completes her assignments, accepts my constructive recommendations, and heads for the bookstore to purchase learning materials I consider beneficial. I am fully confident that her Occupational Therapy clients and her professional colleagues will benefit from Kelly’s continuing education in communication skills.

Are you interested in learning how I can help you design your customized Speech Coaching plan that jet-propels you professionally, and even helps you gain prominence in your community responsibilities? Then please call me–the “Speech Coach for Champions” today: 678-316-4300

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