Columnist Anita Bruzzese Asks Me Key Questions columnist Anita Bruzzese asked me key questions about the following communication topics, in  an interview you can hear in the podcast below.

Among the topics we covered on her Blog Radio show, “Smash the Ladder”:

*What are the greatest communication challenges in the work place today?
*How has the proliferation of technology impacted business communication?
*Special problems generated by e-mail
*Increasing your chances for getting your phone calls returned
*Muzzling the “work place” motor mouths
*The fine art of listening
*How a young Dale Carnegie became a big hit at a party
*Avoiding the bad habit of interrupting during a conversation
*Communicating effectively with those whose preferred styles differ from yours

The thirty minutes you invest in hearing our conversation will be well worth the time. So press on the arrow below to activate the podcast.

Many thanks to Anita for hosting me so graciously.

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