Tom Bradshaw Recommends Ways to Control Stage Fright

Tom Bradshaw, based in Alberta Canada, is an experienced, enthusiastic and versatile professional–with proven interpersonal and organizational skills. He has a strong passion for public speaking and community development, which he shares through training, teaching, mentoring, community service and coaching. Additionally, he has gained wide recognition as a problem solver.

In this stimulating interview, he discusses

–how to control stage fright
–having a world class voice (which he does, you will notice quickly)
–public speaking tips and strategies
–acting compared to giving speeches

At the end of the interview Tom gives his contact information. I encourage you to connect with him on social media–and directly, too. He’s a professional who knows how to break through communication barriers.

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“The LinkedIn Guy” Gives A Valuable Update on Tips and Strategies

Gregg Burkhalter, “The LinkedIn Guy”

So, you’re active on LinkedIn, possibly have been for several years. . .yet you have noticed that your presence and participation there are not generating the results you expected. Well then, how can you learn to improve your LinkedIn profile, posts and interactions?

I’ve got the answer for you: When “The LinkedIn Guy” talks, we listen. So watch this energetic interview with Gregg Burkhalter to hear his updates on maximizing your LinkedIn presence.


I know first hand how completely Gregg has mastered LinkedIn. In fact, I knew him when he left a corporate job to devote his complete time, energy and mind to learning the nuances of LinkedIn–and even understanding every change that came along. I have attended several of his presentations, and every time I came away with new ways to improve my LinkedIn activity.

Equally as important as his expertise, Gregg illustrates a strong commitment to helping others succeed. That includes you!

That’s why I encourage you to watch my interview with him, take careful notes and be sure to jot down his contact information offered when the interview concludes.


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