Special Seasonal Thanks to Food and Beverage Servers

Attending a summer boy’s camp for the second year, I remembered watching the boys who had become waiters in the dining hall the previous summer. Knowing that they got paid for serving three meals daily, and thinking the job looked quite simple and easy, I applied for a spot on the team and got it.

Within a couple of days on duty, I learned that my fellow campers were not always pleasant or patient. I’d hear:

“Why is the food taking so long? Can’t you speed things up?”

“Wish you’d check back on our table more often.”

“We keep asking for water, and you haven’t brought it.”

“You forgot the bread.”

Ever since those few weeks of waiting tables, I’ve had special appreciation for servers in the food and beverage industry—whether I was eating at the most expensive restaurant or the most moderately priced. These people work hard. They smile when customers complain. They somehow manage to serve large groups effectively. They tell us that day’s specials without reading a list.

As we know, their jobs got tougher during COVID. Temporary shutdowns and permanent closings put them out of work for weeks, without compensation. Afterward, many returned so that you and our families and guests could enjoy dining out again.

Recognizing how much pleasure the wait staff and bartenders give us, I have a seasonal suggestion. In this month of giving, I recommend that we go significantly above our usual tipping percentage. A few dollars more from each customer will let these hospitality kings and queens know how much we appreciate them year-round. And remarkably–as we leave the dining establishment after exceeding our usual gratuity level—we will have enjoyed that meal, place and people more than ever.

Go-Giver Bob Burg Says Business Builders Help Others Succeed

Watch the video above, to hear Bob Burg, one of the most innovative, creative and dynamic business consultants I know.

Recently I had the privilege of hosting Bob on my video/podcast “Biz Communication Show.” You will benefit greatly from hearing our conversation. Among our topics:

–Best words you can say to a new acquaintance at a networking event
–How to win without intimidation
–Three tips for business leaders who want to speak more effectively
–Almost magical results the “Go-Giver” approach generates


Briefly, consider one of my first encounters with Bob. Knowing he was speaking in Atlanta–about an hour away from my Gainesville, Georgia base–I attended his session. Just before he was to speak to a crowd of about three hundred, our conversation went this way:

“Bill, you’ve written a book, haven’t you?”

“Yes, Bob, published recently.”

“Got a copy with you?”

“Sure, in the trunk of my car.”

“I’m about to start the program, so bring me one quickly.”

I did, and Bob started his presentation by holding up my book, and urging every member of the audience to buy a copy.

Bob’s gracious gesture on my behalf bore sharp contrast to what most authors would do. They would be “plugging” their book, not someone else’s.

Now you can see why Bob has earned global acclaim as the “Go-Giver” Guy.


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