Superb Book About How to Manage Successfully

Leading publisher McGraw-Hill asked me to review one its most recent business books. Because I spent twenty-three years in management myself–and because I deal with managers at all levels in my current profession–the topic held great interest for me. I’m sure that you will benefit from watching my video review, and then purchasing the book.

The just-released book: Managers, Can You Hear Me Now? Hard-Hitting Lessons on How to Get Real Results

As I suggest in my video review, this book offers guidelines for:

–Aspiring Managers
–Current Managers
–Those who are being managed

Definitely, this book deserves a 5-star ranking. I encourage you to add it to your must-have business books. Once you have read it, share it with your staff and start discussing the book’s recommendations. Your management performance will improve visibly, and so will the results you generate.


Note that below the video you’ll find a link to Amazon’s page about the book, so you can place your order easily.


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