Old Style Communication Still Valid

Pat Seidel
Pat Seidel

Pat Seidel–who provides writing and presentation skills training for companies that want to improve their communication and image–told of a recent experience which illustrates that the old style of communication still has value, despite our contemporary fascination with technology. In Pat’s words:

“I recently attended a session on social media. I felt like a bit of an antique in the room. Everyone was blogging, tweeting, texting, and checking Facebook. I was taking notes longhand. Feeling a bit overwhelmed, I asked the woman next to me if she felt the same. She replied yes, stuck out her hand and said, ‘This is still one connection I trust. Hello, my name is Margy.'”

Bravo, Pat. . .you and Margy have given us a wonderful lesson. Face-to-face communication still holds the top spot among our options for interacting and getting messages across.

Be sure to visit Pat’s Web site, and contact her about the communication training she can bring to your organization through her company, Pat Seidel Training & Consulting, LLC:

While you’re on her site, check “Pat’s Pearls,” a list of resources she recommends.

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