New Edition of Ricky Steele’s Networking Book

Master networker Ricky Steele released the second edition of his acclaimed book, The Heart of Networking. In my brief video above, I describe some of the highlights–and encourage you to get your copy, study his networking advice, and implement his approach.

I assure you, this book does not echo networking guidelines you have read about elsewhere. Following Steele’s system, you will distinguish yourself from those who stick with methods that have become stale by overuse.

Ricky has established an incredible track record as a renowned networker. Everything he proposes has worked for him.

As my video says, Ricky Steele will help you enjoy networking more, and also enjoy your expanding client list.

NOTE: Just below the video, click on the blue link “Order Ricky’s Book,” and you’ll land on his Amazon page for The Heart of Networking


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