Moss Robertson Cadillac Gives Generously

Moss Robertson Contributes to Our Favorite Charity

Because I spent two decades as a professional fund raiser before launching my current company, Championship Communication, I have great respect for prosperous people who give generously to charitable causes. Here’s a recent local example:

You don’t have to be a business genius to know that the automobile industry has experienced serious downturns the last couple of years. Yet my favorite dealer–Moss Robertson Cadillac, based in Gainesville, Georgia–not only survived, but also launched a test drive program that would benefit local charities.

To our delight, Moss and his daughter Katie selected my wife Sandra and me to join other test drive teams in “The Cadillac of Test Drives.” For two days, we enjoyed giving our friends a ride in the 2010 SRX model. The luxury and comfort impressed all of us unforgettably. As I told Moss, “We didn’t go for a ride. . .we went for a glide.”

The test drive teams competed to see how many hits they could attract to their page on the dealer’s Web site. The winner was popular radio talk show host Katie Highsmith of WDUN, who designated Challenged Child and Friends as her preferred charity.

While Challenged Child and Friends earned the largest amount, Moss Robertson Cadillac contributed generously to every team’s favorite cause. In the photo, Moss is giving Sandra and me a check for our charity of choice, Grace Episcopal Church in Gainesville, GA, where we belong. (Pictured left to right, Moss, Sandra, Bill, and Katie Robertson Sanders.)

Immediately after the presentation, Sandra and I stopped at Grace Church and gave Moss Robertson’s check to Doug Dailey, our grateful priest.

Next time I give a motivational speech or seminar, I’m sure to mention how this outstanding Cadillac dealer proved that great business leaders are just as eager to give as they are to get.

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