Magical Interview with Joe M. Turner

Joe M. Turner Tells WBCX-FM Listeners About Magic

My WBCX-FM interview with Joe M. Turner helped listeners explore a form of communication that most of us marvel at yet few of us understand–or even attempt. That communication form is magic.

Definitely, Joe Turner has mastered the world of magic. In this riveting interview, here are some of the topics Joe talks about:

*Memory Mojo
*Historical background of magic in other cultures
*Performing before other professional magicians
*Why David Copperfield dominates the field of magic
*How Joe got Ed McMahon’s endorsement

Not only is Joe M. Turner a rising star as a magician, he’s a superb communicator, which increases the benefits you’ll gain by listening to this interview.

Now, to hear my interview with Joe, click the arrow below in the Podcast section of this blog page, located just above the Audio MP3 lettering.

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