Learn Tablet Video Production Online from Acclaimed Video Expert Mike Stewart


Yes, that’s Mike Stewart with his iPad at Longstreet Cafe in Gainesville, GA–one of his hundreds of small business clients. Mike teaches them how to attract new customers by using the very latest technology, especially video.

“But,” you’re thinking, “I can’t bring Mike to my business, and I can’t come to him. Does he teach video production online?”

He sure does! Although I’m quite familiar with the content–because I have watched each of the brief modules repeatedly–it’s best for Mike to describe this offering himself. So click this link, and see how you can become skilled at video production with your iPad or even iPhone:

You’ll sense instantly that Mike has simplified new, complex technology. Using what he teaches, soon you will separate yourself from your competitors–by using the least complicated, most cost-effective production system that produces top-quality video and sound.

And guess what–the editing is easier than you could ever hope for!