Leaders Describe the Value of My Audio CDs

Dawn EcholsIIc
Dawn Echols, Professional Counselor and Mediator

Leaders benefit from listening to my audio CDs, designed to help you on topics that are essential for your success.

Dawn Echols, M.S., LPC–Owner and Executive Director of Dawning Phoenix, LLC–said this:

“I am listening to your CDs that you provided in our first meeting and plan to recommend them to clients: couples for ‘Listen to the Spouse in your House’ and individuals for ‘Always Push the UP Button.’ Both are brief, to the point, and give the listener education for improvement in skills related to listening or mood.”

Kevin Williams, Senior VP, Noritsu America Corp

Kevin Williams noted:

“Bill is a true professional in every sense of the word. I have enjoyed listening and learning from his CDs on achieving sales success, speaking, giving dynamic customer care and making a sizzling first impression. He is the ultimate giver and anyone that knows him is the better for it.”


Each audio CD brings you my key strategies and most useful tips on these topics:
“How to Give Dynamic Customer Care!”
“Achieve Superlative Sales Success”
“How to Make a Sizzling First Impression!”
“Speak with Poise, Power, and Persuasion”
“Always Push the UP Button: How to Stay Highly Motivated–Every Day!”
“Listen to the Spouse in Your House”

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Kevin Williams, mentioned above, travels extensively. His schedule requires frequent half-hour trips to the Atlanta airport. He told me, “That’s when I listen to your CDs, Bill.” Of course, your longer trips give you opportunities to listen to several of these business-boosting CDs.

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