Joe M. Turner–Truly a Magical Speaker

Sharing Luch and Ideas with the Magical Joe M. Turner
Sharing Luch and Ideas with the Magical Joe M. Turner

Several months ago I spoke at the West Cobb Business Association in Atlanta. After the program, I met a fellow professional speaker, Joe M. Turner. We chatted briefly, and–recognizing we had so much in common professionally–we agreed to get together for lunch when our busy traveling schedules left us in Atlanta at the same time. Fortunately, today we weren’t catching flights or driving to speaking engagements, so we enjoyed a leisurely lunch.

From his online bio sketch, I had learned that before he became a full-time professional speaker, Joe excelled in the corporate world in leadership roles with Accenture and Bank of America. As a result, definitely his speeches and seminars relate compellingly to the needs of business leaders in his audiences.

Joe brings another talent to his audiences. He is a masterful magician. Alas, though, he couldn’t make the prices disappear from our lunch menu, despite my urging.

Another common trait we share: We’re both from Mississippi. Joe graduated with high honors from Mississippi State University. I earned my undergraduate degree at Millsaps College. Both of us have served clients in our home state, in addition to working with corporations and associations nationally and internationally.

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