Improve Your Conversation–5 Great Tips

My host, Joel Williams, asked for my top 5 ways to improve your conversation

When Katie Highsmith–my usual host for “The Local Hour” on WDUN, 550 AM on Monday mornings–took a short vacation to attend a wedding in Houston, TX, Joel Williams substituted as my interviewer.

We opened our conversation by observing how important conversation is, both for professional success and for personal enjoyment.

Well, if you want to be the person who enters a Business After Hours gathering with increased confidence–because you have the keys to starting and maintaining a compelling conversation–you will want to hear our brief interview. Or if you want to become more persuasive with your sales prospects, or more adept at building relationships, take ten minutes to consider the approach I describe. And for sure, if you’re going through job interviews, recognize that the ability to make small talk can bring big-time returns.

I suggest that you pay special attention to one of the quotes I used, taken from an anonymous writer: “A bore talks about himself or herself, a gossip talks about other people, and a great conversationalist talks about you.

As you listen to my 5 tips, evaluate your own conversational habits. Rate yourself. Are you the person people want at their dinner table? If not, which of the recommended steps should you take?

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