Her Life is Grand, and She is Grateful

Linda and Dan, Together in Life/Business

Ever-zestful Canadian Linda Sztanko describes her life this way: “Life is grand, and I am grateful every day.”

If you assume that her life has been easy and exciting all along, your guess would be way off base.

How exciting was her life during the 27 years she worked on an assembly line in an automobile plant?

How easy was her life when she endured cervical cancer twice? During twelve years of her illness, she spent eighty percent of her time in bed. Additionally, Linda still confronts the challenge of Epstein Barr, an immune deficiency syndrome.

Yet Linda took control of her life when she retired from her assembly line job. She enrolled in Continuing Medical Education courses for credit. Her reason: “It was because of the improved quality of life I experienced from Glyconutrients that I went back to school…not to find out about my medical condition, but rather to learn why these products worked where traditional medicine failed.” Eventually, she built a client list for two health care products she found beneficial.

Linda recognized that to succeed in managing her own business, she would have to learn plenty from marketing experts. She reads books and attends seminars. She listens to educational and motivational CDs as she drives, engaging in what she calls “car university.” In her words, “I am building my self esteem and confidence.”

Three years ago she became a passionate representative for SendOutCards, an innovative greeting card service that operates online. She helps her clients walk through the simple process of customizing cards that get mailed without the sender having to make a trip to the post office or a greeting card store.

She says, “How can I not love my job? I make people smile every day.”

Linda speaks highly of Kody Bateman, the man who founded SendOutCards. She comments that he is “true to his word that he truly wants to change the world through kindness.”

When Linda sent me a copy of Bateman’s autobiographical motivational book Promptings, I produced this brief video review for Amazon:

Linda and her husband Dan work together as a team professionally. Personally, they have “two great kids,” 16 and 19. “We are at the stage,” she notes, “where the kids need constant chauffeurs.” Add to her family credentials that she is a very versatile cook.

As I became acquainted with Linda through Facebook and a referral from our mutual friend Gina Carr, not only did I admire her for moving beyond a monotonous job and serious health issues, I found her sense of humor delightful. Late one evening she wrote, “I am falling asleep. The snoring of the two puppies beside me is addictive.” On another occasion, “The kettle is boiled and my tea is calling my name.”

Let’s go back again to what makes Linda Sztanko feel that her life is grand, and that she is grateful every day. In her words: “Making someone else feel special is always a good thing.”

She recognizes that her amazing resilience and her strong values are not entirely self-generated. Quietly yet steadily, she points to her religious belief as central to her success in business and in life.

Linda inspires me. I look forward to the day when our professional travels put us in the same city, and we can share lively conversation in person.

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