Greg Lee–A “Triple Threat” Golf Pro


Having played golf since age thirteen, I have taken numerous lessons from golf professionals. The right golf pro can spot my swing flaws, and show me how to play better consistently.

Of all the golf club professionals I have turned to, Greg Lee-Professional at Chicopee Woods Golf Club in Oakwood, Georgia—stands out as the ideal golf professional, combining the three traits every golf student wants in his teaching pro. In football terms, I think of him as a “triple threat.”

First, Greg has become a top-level tournament player. Among his many accomplishments: Playing in tournaments on the Nationwide Tour, winning the Atlanta Open, the Georgia PGA Championship, the 2007 Georgia Match Play Championship, playing in the National PGA Assistants Championship, and earning selection three times as the Georgia Assistant Professional Player of the Year.

A few weeks ago, I watched Greg play in the Nationwide Tour tournament at nearby Athens, Georgia. He finished almost halfway up the list of entrants, though he was competing against players who devote full time to tournament play.

Second, Greg keeps his teaching method simple. In fact, before the lesson taker hits a shot, Greg assures the student that he will avoid complicated golf terms and moves. During the six lessons I took, he kept his advice clear and easy to understand.

Third, Greg is an easygoing, friendly guy. You feel relaxed with him. You sense that he enjoys teaching golf, and that he likes to watch you improve. He smiles and laughs, reminding you that golf is a game to enjoy. You can tell he enjoys life, too.

To schedule a lesson with Greg, call his cell phone: 706-255-0611

And when you decide to schedule a lesson from a professional speech coach who will help you make powerful, poised, persuasive presentations, call me: 678-316-4300.

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