Greg Lee, My Golf Coach

Greg Lee, My Superb Golf Pro

For several years, I have relied on one golf professional for lessons–Greg Lee of Chicopee Woods Golf Course in Oakwood, Georgia, near my home in Gainesville, Georgia.

One attraction for me is that Greg plays the game at very high competitive levels, and scores well. He can do what I ask him to teach me. I have followed him in several tournaments, including the Nationwide Tour event held annually in nearby Athens, Georgia. Last year he led the qualifying round, winning the qualifying medal by three strokes (tough to do in just 18 holes).

Also, I welcome the way Greg can demonstrate–during a lesson–a skill I am trying to learn. Fortunately, his teaching method isn’t complicated. He gives me simple drills to practice, so that those helpful motions will become habits.

Greg encourages me. Previously I have worked with golf pros whose comments centered on what I was doing wrong. Greg does the opposite. He tells me what I’m doing right, and urges me to continue. “Your stance and grip are much better than they were last week,” he’ll say.

To schedule a lesson with this masterful golf pro, call Greg: 706-255-0611 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              706-255-0611      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Worth noting: Greg Lee’s approach to coaching his golf students reflects how I work with my Speech Coaching clients. As a professional speaker, I demonstrate what I want to teach–sometimes before audiences of 500 people. Too, I help clients simplify speaking by using the ideal method for preparation/delivery. Third, I center on the positive side of a performance.

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