Google Ranks Me #1 in “Speech Coach Georgia” Search

Coaching Rick Owings, VP of Worldwide, Inc. About a Major Presentation

With my company name being “Championship Communication,” you can bet that I like to reach #1 status when others are evaluating my service. So this morning I was delighted to see that Google ranks me #1 as I searched the term “Speech Coach Georgia.”

Really, my speech coaching began decades ago, when I taught Speech Communication at the University of Georgia–my first professional position.

In more recent years, I have worked directly with professionals in leadership positions, who want to learn to speak with “poise, power, and persuasion,” so they can generate “applause, agreement, and action.”

My top tier client list includes Worldwide, Inc., as my photo with Rick Owings reflects. Additionally, I have provided individual speech coaching and presentation skills seminars for:

*Barnsley Gardens Resort

*Checkmate Cash Advance


*Dutch Quality House Corporation

*Georgia Department of Labor


*Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce

*Orvis Company

*Procter & Gamble

*Supply Chain

*Tanner Medical Center

*Turbo Logistics

*Willis Investment Counsel

To read client testimonials, and to learn more about my Speech Coaching, visit my Web site’s Coaching page:

Now. . .are you ready to enjoy the benefits of dramatically improving your speaking skills? Then call me today, so we can explore your needs–and how I can assist you: 678-316-4300

“Oh, and there’s just this one more thing” (as Columbo used to say on TV). My ranking as “Speech Coach in Georgia” doesn’t mean that I’m restricted geographically. I worked with Gillette in Boston and with the Orvis Company in a quaint lodge in Millbrook, NY.

I invite you again: Call today to move rapidly toward speaking with “poise, power, and persuasion.”

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